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Video: PEP for getting everything done and enjoying the process as you do

This a wonderful video to watch when you’re feeling overloaded by your giant to-do list and you just want to relax, get centered, and help yourself get everything done in a peaceful way.  It helps with that feeling of being seized up by having too much to do and helps you relax and get back to the moment you’re in so you can take one step at a time and enjoy the process.

I know from personal experience how the worry and stress of having a lot to do can make you feel like you can’t even do anything. This video will help you let that go and get it all done, one step at a time.

I remember when I realized I could do that, suddenly everything felt calmer and more enjoyable, being in the moment and realizing I had a choice about how to experience it, in stress and overwhelm, or peace and enjoyment.

I hope this video makes it easier for you to make the choice to relax and enjoy the process of getting everything done, one moment at a time, one step at a time.

More help in our Circle of Light

In this video, I use twelve of the phrases from the full PEP process for relaxing and enjoying the process of getting things done, and I repeat them three times. In the complete version, the 36 different phrases help you relax, connect with your inner wisdom to choose the next step to take, and enjoy getting it all done, knowing that as you do, you’ll be much more effective and efficient.

You can find the full version of this video in my membership site at our Circle of Light.   I’d love for you to check it out and join if it feels good to you. Lots of great resources there for you for feeling your unconditional well-being and experiencing greater peace, love, abundance, health, and happiness in every area of your life.

Please let me know what you think of this video and this PEP process.  And thanks for your comments and for sharing this with someone who could use some help in relaxing and getting things done, too!

See you in the next video. 🙂


PEP List for Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed by Too Much to Do

I sent this email to my eNewsletter subscribers in December… I thought it was a nice resource so I wanted to go ahead and post it here for you, too.  The PEP list would be great for any time you’re feeling overwhelmed by lots of things to do and want to get back into the flow and enjoy the ride. 

Here’s what I wrote then:

Continue reading PEP List for Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed by Too Much to Do

EFT for Procrastination When You Feel Overwhelmed by Too Much to Do

Today’s EFT video post will really help you on those days when you feel overwhelmed with too many things to do and you just can’t seem to prioritize and get started. When I’m feeling that way, sometimes I end up not getting anything done and I end up procrastinating: surfing the web, getting a cup of tea, checking my e-mail… like that. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re going to really like this video.

When you find yourself in that state, just watch this EFT video. It only takes seven minutes and you will feel so much better at the end. It will calm your mind so you can prioritize and focus on the task at hand… and even enjoy it.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. Thanks!


Why Do We Procrastinate? Three Basic Reasons…

In this video, I talk about the three basic reasons why we procrastinate.  It’s important to get clear about what’s going on inside you when you’re avoiding doing something.  Once you know what’s happening within you, you can focus on clearing the underlying issue with EFT.    Continue reading Why Do We Procrastinate? Three Basic Reasons…