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Love as a Wonderful Meditation

White RoseI was just reviewing my “morning pages” that I write whenever I’m inspired… whenever an idea comes to me that helps me reconnect with my deeper essence and follow my heart with peace and joy.  I found this one today and I’d like to share it with you.

Discovering the Doorway of Love: a Story

Let me start with a little story first (or you can just scroll down to learn how, too.)  Many years ago, when I was just starting my spiritual journey in a more conscious way, I wanted to explore meditation and see where that could take me.  Continue reading Love as a Wonderful Meditation

Video: PEP for loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally

This video is very meaningful to me because I think it points to the key issue we are all dealing with in our lives, which is to allow ourselves to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, no matter what we do, no matter what others think of us, no matter what is happening in our external lives.

If we can do this for ourselves, even just for the five minutes a day that it takes to follow along with this PEP for self-love process, it will create a ripple effect of well-being, peace, and joy in our lives and will help us to feel a deeper connection with who we really are.

Continue reading Video: PEP for loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally

My Purpose Is to Feel Joy in This Moment

This simple phrase can bring you there.

About a week ago, Morgan and Liliah and I went to Crystal Magic, a wonderful bookstore here in Flagstaff, and as I was browsing, I found a book called Wired for Joy.  I believe it was about how we can rewire our brains and create new neural patterns that make it much easier to evoke and experience the feeling of joy in every moment.  I love that idea.  As I was looking through the book, one phrase in particular stood out and really resonated for me.  Continue reading My Purpose Is to Feel Joy in This Moment