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Thanks so much for listening to my interview.  I hope you enjoyed it and felt a deeper sense of well-being afterwards.   If you haven’t listened to it yet, I hope you will soon.  It’s my intention that you’ll feel more peaceful, centered, and aligned with your natural state of peace, love, and abundance when we’re done. 

 I have three wonderful free gifts to give you…


1. My Positive Energy Psychology PEP Manual

My 54 page PDF eBook teaches you everything you need to know about PEP to help you use it as a wonderful, uplifting daily practice in your life.  It gives you step-by-step instructions in creating your own personalized PEP list and gives you a lot of ideas and tips for how to get the most out of PEP. It includes links to three instructional PEP videos, clear illustrations of the PEP points, and a PEP list of 36 wonderful key phrases from my Peace, Love, and Abundance PEP Collection that you can use every day to feel wonderful and align yourself with what you want in your life.


2. Energy Psychology for Well-Being Teleseminar

In this one-hour recording, I teach you my version of how to use EFT, the simple version of EFT (SET), and of course PEP to help you release even the most intense negative beliefs and feelings and come back to your natural state of unconditional well-being.


3. Free subscription to my eNewsletter

In my eNewsletter, I’ll share new PEP videos, blog posts, podcasts, and other ideas and inspirations I have about how we can experience our natural state of unconditional well-being, feel greater self-love and self-acceptance, and experience more joy, freedom, and abundance as we follow our hearts and share our gifts with the world.


To receive your free gifts, please sign up here:

As soon as you enter your name and email, you’ll be shown how to receive these free gifts.  And of course, please know that you’ll only be getting emails from me when you sign up. 


Preview: I have a great special offer just for you as well…

I have created a special offer just for listeners of this telesummit.  I’ve brought together some of my best personal growth programs for you in one package.  Click here to learn more:

Telesummit Participant Special Offer 

And please come and visit me on Facebook at or leave me a comment below or anywhere on my blog if you have any questions or just want to say hi. 

Thanks so much and I’ll be in touch soon.




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