PEP for Gentle and Rapid Relief of Anxiety: the Five-Minute Peaceful Well-Being Finger Technique


In this post, I want to share a wonderful, simple technique with you that will help you relieve anxiety quickly and gently and help you return to the sweet, peaceful joy that rests just below the surface of your experience of feeling worried or anxious.   

Going from Anxiety to Peace and Quiet Joy in Five Minutes

A couple of days ago, I woke up early with thoughts going round and round in my head, worries about things going on in my life right now.   This doesn’t happen very often anymore thankfully, but once I realized this was happening, I decided to get up and do some tapping on these worries.  I did a couple rounds of basic EFT to let go of the anxiety which did help… it brought down the intensity, but I could still feel the anxiety hovering at the back of my mind and I wasn’t feeling peaceful yet.

Then I remembered a client telling me about how she had used my simple peaceful well-being PEP technique using just the hand points I’d taught her and she was able to relieve her anxiety quickly and gently.  I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to use this technique myself. 

I followed the simple procedure outlined below, quietly touching the points and taking my time.  And within just a few minutes I felt this wonderful, peaceful wave of meditative energy flowing through me.  And it grew as I continued until I just felt wonderful.  I felt myself relaxing deeply and a calm, centered feeling of peace and well-being came over me as if I’d just had a wonderful meditation.

With that experience, I realized what a beautifully simple method this is to release anxiety quickly and gently and feel that wonderful state of well-being that’s available to us all.  I think it is possible to reprogram any emotional pattern with regular use of this simple technique.

How to Do the Five-Minute Peaceful Well-Being Finger Technique

So, here’s how to use this technique yourself:

1. Touch the PEP finger points at the base of the nail bed on the side of the finger with your thumbs.  (See the illustration at right for a reminder of these points).  Touch the points on both hands together in sequence, i.e. start at the index fingers then the middle fingers, then the ring fingers, then the pinkies and then back to the ring fingers, the middle fingers, and the index fingers.  Go back and forth between these points over and over.  Remember, with PEP, you’re not tapping on the points; you’re just touching and holding them. 

2. As you touch each point, say the phrase “feeling peaceful well-being” to yourself or aloud.

3. Hold the points with a medium amount of pressure and envision a ball of golden energy at each point as you do.

4. Remember to take your time and let a second or two pass before moving on to the next point.

5. Continue with this for about five minutes or until you feel ready to stop.

6. End by placing your hands over your heart/thymus gland point and say, “And so it is.  Thank you.”

This process seems to help calm the nervous system very quickly and release anxiety and old patterns from your energy as you do.  The image of the golden ball of energy helps focus your energy within your body in the moment and helps to activate the points with your intention.

It Gets Easier to Feel the Peaceful Well-Being the More You Do It

I’ve found that with repeated use of this technique whenever I begin to feel any subtle anxiety beginning to come up, I return to that feeling of peaceful well-being very quickly, within a few rounds and sometimes even in the first round.  It’s as if our nervous systems get habituated to this open state of positive energy and so it becomes easier and easier to return to it.

So, now you have another powerful tool for releasing anxiety or any other negative emotion for your energy psychology toolbox.  Please try this technique yourself the next time you find yourself feeling anxiety or worries coming up.  I think it will really help.  And please leave me a comment below to share your experience with it, too.  I’d love to hear from you.


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