PEP for Loving and Accepting Yourself Unconditionally

Letting Go of Painful Thoughts and Feelings and Loving Yourself as You Are

In my last blog post (Absolute and Unconditional Self-Love and Self-Acceptance), I told the story of how I was able to use a simple Positive Energy Psychology (PEP) process to go from anxiety and emotional pain to a state of peaceful self-love and self-acceptance. Whenever you’re feeling a negative emotion, it’s generally a sign that you are not fully loving and accepting yourself in that moment. The next time you find yourself feeling bad about a situation in your life, particularly when you feel like you are judging or rejecting yourself for something, I really encourage you to give the following process a try. Just follow the simple steps I outline below to let those old conditioned patterns go and bring yourself back to loving and accepting yourself unconditionally no matter what.

Step One: Simple EFT to Begin the Process of Letting Go of Negative Thoughts, Emotions, and Old Conditioned Patterns

To begin, just spend a few minutes doing this simple version of the EFT process: just tap on the points while you’re feeling the negative thoughts and feelings within you. (Thanks Steve Wells and David Lake for sharing this technique.) You can try what I call the Tap-and-Vent technique: just talk to yourself about the way you’re feeling and about the situation while you tap on the EFT points. You can also try my Five-Minute Timer technique to make sure you give yourself enough time for EFT to work: just set a timer for five minutes and tap on the points over and over in sequence, venting whenever you feel like it until the timer goes off. Then see how you feel; if you’re still upset, re-set the timer for five more minutes and keep tapping. I’ll write a more detailed blog post about these techniques soon, but for now, this will be enough for you to use simple EFT to feel better.

Step Two: PEP for Self-Love

When you feel ready, switch to the following PEP process for loving yourself unconditionally. To make things easy for you, I’ve included the written PEP list for self-love below for you to simply follow along with. To make things even easier, you can listen to my PEP for self-love recording of these phrases. If you prefer, you can simply follow your intuition about what to say and use the phrases below to get you started.

Here’s a link if you need instructions on how to do Positive Energy Psychology: How to do PEP. All you need to do is just PEP with the phrases over and over until you feel your inner emotional state shifting to a place of more peace and well-being. In my experience, it won’t take more than five to ten minutes of PEP to begin to feel the shift to unconditional love and self-acceptance.

As I have experienced myself and described in my last blog post, this is also the time when you may receive spontaneous inner guidance about how to resolve whatever situation you’re experiencing.

The PEP List of Phrases for Self-Love

Here are the thirty-six phrases from the PEP process for self-love to get you started. Go through this list and touch the twelve PEP points in sequence as you do. By the time you finish this list, you will have completed three rounds of PEP.  These are the same phrases I use in the PEP for self-love mp3.  Just repeat this list as many times as needed to bring you back to a feeling of peace and well-being.  For me it only takes two or three repetitions to really feel the shift back to self-love and self-acceptance.  It’s wonderful.

1. Loving myself as I am

2. Loving myself unconditionally

3. Loving the sweet child within me

4. Being my own unconditionally loving and accepting parent

5. Loving and acknowledging the divine Being within me

6. Loving all of me as I am

7. Accepting myself completely

8. Being my own best friend, cheerleader, and comforter

9. Loving myself as I am in every moment

10. Loving and accepting myself totally and completely

11. Feeling safe in my unconditional self-acceptance

12. Loving the richness of my Being

13. Loving every aspect of who I am

14. Loving my wisdom and intuition

15. Loving my power and strength

16. Loving my joy and playfulness and creativity

17. Loving my kindness and peace

18. Loving myself totally and completely and unconditionally

19. Loving myself with every fiber of my Being

20. Embracing myself in all my beauty and perfection

21. Being my own loving parent who is always here for me and loves me unconditionally

22. Deeply and completely loving and accepting myself

23. Being my own loving best friend and supporter

24. Feeling deep joy and appreciation for who I am

25. Loving myself as I am

26. Accepting myself as I am

27. Loving and cherishing every aspect of who I am

28. Knowing I am not my thoughts… I am the loving Presence beyond my thoughts

29. Feeling the deep sense of love and well-being within me

30. Feeling the love and joy of my True Being welling up within me

31. Feeling so much love overflowing for myself

32. Knowing that Love is my essence

33. Knowing absolute love and self-acceptance is my birthright

34. Relaxing into total self-love and self-acceptance

35. Cherishing myself as the beautiful Being that I am

36. Feeling my heart overflowing with love and joy for who I am

And so it is. Thank you.

Remember, any time we feel anything less than total self-love and peace, it’s because we’re identifying with old subconscious patterns of thinking and reacting. We can shift these patterns by recognizing that these negative emotions and thoughts are just old conditioned patterns and then let them go with EFT and PEP.

Many Ways to Practice Unconditional Self-Love

There are other doorways to total and complete self-love and self-acceptance of course. In addition to daily PEP sessions, I also regularly practice meditation and seek to experience the unconditional love and well-being of the present moment. I’ll go more into these techniques in future blog posts. However, this simple practice of PEP for unconditional self-love and self-acceptance is a wonderful, simple, and easy daily practice that will bring you a long way toward experiencing your natural state of love and well-being more and more in your life. I do hope you give it a try.  This process has been so powerful for me personally…  I would love to hear how it works for you as well so please leave me a comment below if you feel so inspired.  Thanks.  🙂

With love and blessings,


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