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How We Hold Ourselves Back from Experiencing Our Unconditional Well-Being

In a recent post, I talked about how we get caught in patterns of negative thoughts and feelings that hold us back from reaching for what we are really inspired to do in our lives.  Issues like procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure, and the need for the love and approval of others not only hold us back from our dreams but they also hold us back from enjoying each step we take on the journey of life.

As Eckhart Tolle says, this is all really just a game of the mind, of the ego, that keeps us running ceaselessly on the hamster wheel of reaching for something in the future that we think will bring us to the place where we can feel good about ourselves and our lives.

We Create These Conditions on Our Well-Being Ourselves

These are just some of the conditions that we place on ourselves and our well-being.  I can’t be happy until… you fill in the blank.  As I said, it’s all a game of the mind.  Because the truth is that your well-being is completely and totally unconditional.  There is no external reason why you cannot feel the peace and joy of your being right now.  The only reason you would think otherwise is because you have adopted a belief that says this is not true.

Sometimes, just acknowledging this is enough.  If you have been practicing connecting with the source of unconditional well-being within you through whatever method you find works best for you, then you have at least had flashes of the reality of this. 

Meditation, intense presence in the now, and using EFT to get an issue down to zero are some of the key the techniques that I use to get me there.  Lately, I have been intensely practicing bringing myself back to my inner energy body as Eckhart Tolle describes in his book The Power of Now.  I’ll talk more about how to do these things in future posts.

When you do connect with that place of unconditional well-being within you, it begins to break down those barriers.  Difficulties in life arise primarily because we live from that place of our ego.  And that can be a very painful place to be.  If we let it, all of life can become a struggle for love and approval from others, thinking that once we get that we will feel good.  When others do approve of us and love us, it does feel good, but there is always the underlying fear that that approval will be taken away and that we will then plummet back into the pain of not having it.

They’re Not Real

That’s why it is so important to recognize the unreality of these beliefs.  And from my own experience, the only way to get there is to experience the unconditional love and well-being that exists within you always… that you are in your essence.  It is there.  You just need to open yourself to experience it.

In my next posts, I’ll go over a couple of simple ways to help you change your thoughts and let go of these negative beliefs, these self-imposed conditions on your well-being.


Live in the inspiration and well-being of who you really are.  Your Inspiring Life