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How to Choose a Career that Will Truly Inspire and Fulfill You

Inspiration and fulfillment are yours to choose.

In my past few posts, I’ve been talking about how to get clear about what you really want to do with your life.  If you are reading these posts, it’s likely that you are at a transition point in your life, preparing to make a career choice that will affect you for many years into the future.  If so, I recommend that you do four simple things I’ve been talking about before you make a decision: discover what you really want, create the list of careers, do some informational interviews, and begin an apprenticeship

It’s Your Life to Create

It’s important for you to realize that your job right now is to really see what’s possible out there and to fully explore that for yourself.  If you don’t take these steps and really claim your life for yourself right now, you’ll just get carried along in the current of our culture and find a job that pays reasonably well and you will stick with it (or not) and try to distract yourself from the still small voice within you that keeps asking, Isn’t there something more to life than this?

You don’t have to let that happen to you.  But you do need to have some courage and some trust in your own heart and its ability to guide you to what will truly be fulfilling and satisfying for you in your life. 

A Resource That Will Really Help

My self-help program can really help you with this.  It’s all about helping you get clear about what you want and then letting go of the negative beliefs and other inner barriers that hold you back from believing that it’s possible to achieve your dreams.  It uses EFT to help you let go of limiting beliefs and feelings such as the belief that you’re not good enough, fear of failure, worry about what other people think of you, etc.  It helps you connect with the unconditional well-being inside of you so you can let go of the fear of reaching for your dreams.  You can learn more about my program at YourInspiringLife.com

Take the Time You Need to Make a Decision that Feels Right to You

I really recommend that you take these steps before you decide on a career.  Discover what will truly fulfill you in your life.  If you can find enough courage and faith in yourself to do this, you will have taken a huge step towards living a life of happiness and true satisfaction.  You will spend about two thousand hours a year in whatever career you choose.  So make sure you take the time to make an informed choice that feels right to you.

Embrace the Adventure

Enjoy this process of discovery.  You’re in an exciting phase of your life right now where you are opening yourself to the idea that you can live a life that truly inspires and satisfies you on a deep level of your being. 

I hope these ideas have been helpful to you.  As always, I would love it if you would leave me a question or comment below and let me know what you think.