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PEP for Loving and Accepting Yourself Unconditionally

Letting Go of Painful Thoughts and Feelings and Loving Yourself as You Are

In my last blog post (Absolute and Unconditional Self-Love and Self-Acceptance), I told the story of how I was able to use a simple Positive Energy Psychology (PEP) process to go from anxiety and emotional pain to a state of peaceful self-love and self-acceptance. Whenever you’re feeling a negative emotion, it’s generally a sign that you are not fully loving and accepting yourself in that moment. The next time you find yourself feeling bad about a situation in your life, particularly when you feel like you are judging or rejecting yourself for something, I really encourage you to give the following process a try. Just follow the simple steps I outline below to let those old conditioned patterns go and bring yourself back to loving and accepting yourself unconditionally no matter what. Continue reading PEP for Loving and Accepting Yourself Unconditionally