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Step Three: Making a Career Choice from What You Learned in Your Informational Interviews

Once you have done a number of these informational interviews, you will have gathered invaluable information about what your potential careers are really like on a day-to-day basis.  By going through this process, you may have saved yourself years of study and effort in a field that ultimately would not have satisfied you.  Plus, these initial connections will become invaluable contacts for you in the future once you’ve chosen a career path.

It’s exciting, isn’t it?  You’re getting much closer to being able to make an inspired and informed decision about your future career.

Look at What You’ve Learned and See How You Feel About It

The next step in the process is to review all the information that you have gathered and see what it means to you.  Were there specific careers that really stood out for you and inspired you?  Move those to the top the list.  Was there a career that didn’t appeal to you at all once you were able to talk to someone who was doing it?  You might want to talk to someone else who’s in that field for a second perspective.  If, after this, that career still doesn’t appeal to you, then cross it off the list.  Was there one particular career that really stood out as something that you might want to pursue?  Put a star next to that one.

Listen to your heart as you go through this process.  Considering all the information you gathered, look for careers that really inspire and excite you when you think about doing them.  Again, don’t let your fears hold you back from hearing the guidance of your heart.  If you’re having trouble with this, use EFT to let go of the limiting beliefs and feelings that might be blocking you from making a decision.  Once you let go of the negative thoughts that come up, it will be much easier to trust that your heart is really guiding you to what will be most satisfying and fulfilling for you to do as a career.

What to Do If You’re Still Not Sure

If you’re still not sure which career would suit you best, there are a couple of possible things that you can do.  First, I would recommend you do some tapping about it.  Use EFT to let go of the feeling that you’re not sure what career path you should choose.  Tap on whatever underlying issues and limiting beliefs arise as you do.  Tap on any other issues that may be blocking you from making a choice.  These might include issues such as: I’m not good enough to succeed at that, I’m scared to make a choice because it’s such an important decision, I don’t trust myself to make the right decision, etc. Often tapping on issues like these will really help give you clarity and I recommend you give it a try.

Listen to Your Inner Guidance

If you still feel unsure after all this, you may want to do some additional informational interviews.  Also, ask for your inner guidance to help you to choose a career that will really fulfill you.  Then pay attention to what comes up for you.  Journal about it and take some time to ask yourself what you really want.  Perhaps an answer will emerge that you hadn’t even considered.

This is an important decision so it’s worth it to take the time to get clear about what feels right to you in your heart.  By taking the steps I’ve recommended in the past few posts, you’ll be well on your way to discovering a career that will truly inspire and fulfill you.




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What Should I Do with My Life? Five Simple Questions to Help You Discover Your Passion

So many choices... what inspires you?

So you’re trying to figure out what you should do with your life, right?  When it comes down to it, there really are just a couple of possible reasons why you’re having difficulty with this question.  And for each one, there are a few ways to go about discovering what it is that you should be doing with your life.

First, the issue may be that you actually do know what you want to do but you just haven’t given yourself permission to trust this instinct and embrace what you are being inspired to do.  The other alternative is that you are feeling a desire for a more fulfilling life, but you truly haven’t yet discovered what really inspires you.

Either way, the starting point for both is the same.  First, you must give yourself permission to really explore the possibilities for your life.  To begin, ask yourself what would truly be fulfilling and satisfying to you.  I’ll give you five simple questions below to help you answer this question for yourself. 

But Read This First…

The key here though, is to give yourself permission to play with the questions I’m going to ask you in a moment.  No judgments are allowed.  What I mean by that is, you’re not allowed to knock something down just because you think it’s “impossible,” unrealistic, that your family wouldn’t approve, that you can’t really make money doing it, that you don’t see where your answer is taking you, etc.  So before you answer these questions, promise me that you will do your very best to write down everything that comes to mind no matter what you think of it, no matter how realistic you think it is, no matter whether you think it’s silly or insane or whatever.  Just write it down.  If you need to, do some tapping on the resistance and then answer the questions.  Okay, as soon as you agree, you’re ready to get started.

Discover What Your Heart is Calling You To Do

Answer the following questions and let yourself play around with them and just have fun.

1.  What are your favorite things to do?  Make a list of everything you do that you really enjoy doing.  Write down your hobbies and all the things you really love spending time doing in your time off.  Include things you’ve enjoyed in the past that you may not have time for right now as well. 

2.  What kind of books and magazines do you like to read?  What kind of topics do you like to spend time exploring on the Internet?  What kind of TV shows do you really like?  Look for general themes in these things that point you to your key interests.

3.  Is there something that you have always wanted to do but you never gave yourself permission to do it because you thought it was unrealistic, impossible, or that you weren’t good enough to do it?  Think back and give yourself permission to just write those dreams down. 

4.  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

5.  What would you do with your life if you won the lottery?  After you bought all the stuff you want and took a few awesome vacations, what would you do with the many years of life that you have before you?  Without the pressure of having to make a living, what would you want to do with your life?

Okay, there are a lot of other questions you could ask yourself to get yourself started in this process.  My self-help program includes these and shows you a number of additional ways to get clear about what your heart is calling you to do.  But these will get you moving in the right direction and may uncover an answer for you.  Look over your answers and look for themes, look for clues about what you really want to do.  Often, the answer will become very clear as you look at your answers to this exercise.

If you still feel stumped after exploring these questions, perhaps you need to give yourself permission to further discover and explore what really might inspire you.  In my next post, I’ll talk about a powerful way to get clarity about your options and then whether the career that you’re considering will really fulfill you.

Remember to Use EFT for Any Resistance

Remember though, once you have some clarity about what you want to do, it’s likely that there will be negative beliefs, resistance, and anxieties that arise within you.  EFT is a wonderful tool to release these.  Again, my program includes 22 EFT processes to help you do just that.  You can learn more about my program at Your Inspiring Life.

I hope these questions have been helpful to you.  Let me know if you have any comments or questions by leaving me a reply to any post on my blog.  Blessings and I’ll see you next time.


Making a Career Choice: Please Don’t Do It Just for the Money

You can choose both fulfillment and prosperity in your life.

I know money is important, but please do yourself a huge favor and do not choose a career or life path just because you think it’s going to make you a lot of money.  If you do that and you’re not really passionate or interested in what you have chosen, you’re going to feel like a slave to your paycheck for the rest of your life… or until you quit and again find yourself exactly where you are right now. 

Cultural Pressures

I think we as a culture are still in a period of intense change and it’s not clear how things are going to settle out.  So many people feel dissatisfied in their work; unfortunately, I think that’s the norm.  I think that a big part of the problem is that we have been taught that we have to do something that makes us money regardless of whether we like it or not.  “That’s what a job is, right?  We wouldn’t get paid for it if it was fun.”  Cultural beliefs like these influence us all.  I think the answer to the dilemma begins with recognizing that this feeling of dissatisfaction comes from an awakening of the desire for a life that fulfills more than our monetary needs. 

The Dissatisfaction Points the Way

When we feel pressure to choose a career because of its future prospects and marketability rather than our passion for the field, more often than not, we’ll find ourselves feeling unhappy and stifled as we spend a significant amount of our lives doing something we just don’t like.  These feelings are telling us that there is some part of us that wants to break free and find our way back to something that really feels fulfilling and satisfying to us.  Of course, along with that, there’s a lot of fear and anxiety that comes up about leaving the traditional career path behind.  That’s part of the hero’s journey of our lives.  It’s part of the challenge that we must all embrace if we are to move beyond the current cultural norms and really live a life that fulfills us.

Follow Your Heart

So I say, go ahead and listen to your heart right now and go for what you really want.  As you begin taking steps toward your goal, your feeling of aliveness and enthusiasm for life will return.  I absolutely believe that there are plenty of ways to prosper doing what you love.  In fact, if you are really passionate and excited about something, there is a much higher chance that you will become very prosperous doing it.  Why?  Because you are going to put a lot of positive energy and care into what you do and you will probably be happy to spend a lot of time doing it.  That all adds up to an experience where it is very likely that you will shine in your chosen field. 

One of the remnants of that former way of living that I mentioned earlier is that we don’t have much practice listening to the passion in our hearts, the still small voice that inspires us and guides us to do what is most fulfilling in our lives.  If you’re not sure what your heart is calling you to do, don’t worry, I can help.  In my next post, I will give you five simple questions that will help you discover what will truly fulfill you in your life.


Let go of your fears.  Follow your heart.  Your Inspiring Life


Time for a Change: Wanting Something More in Our Lives and Careers


Feeling the urge to take a new path?

What’s the next step for me in my life? 

For most of us, this question will come up many times over the course of our lives.  And don’t worry, when it does, it’s a good thing.  It usually comes up at major life transitions when we are feeling the inner urge to make a significant change in our lives: graduating from high school or college, choosing a major, changing relationships, children leaving the nest, or anytime we’re really feeling dissatisfied with our current work or life and feeling the urge to do something else that feels more satisfying and fulfilling. 

It’s Part of the Natural Process of Life Unfolding

This is all just part of the process of adjusting our lives to reflect the changes that happen within us over the course of our lives.  If we are open to it, we can change and grow so much throughout our lives.  Our interests and passions change and we get clearer and clearer about what matters most to us with every experience we have.  That’s why people often change careers a number of times in their lifetime.  I believe that this urge to change comes from a deep internal need within us to do something that really fulfills us in our lives.  And the way that manifests for us is likely to change over time as well.

The Old Way of Doing Things has Changed

In times past, men would typically have the same job for 40 years and then retire on their pensions.  Their wives would stay home and take care of the children and the home.  But in our current world, all of that has changed.  Men and women can make whatever choices they want in their careers and change as many times as they like.  The uncertainty of this social shift can be intimidating at times but it also frees us to listen to our hearts and embrace whatever inspires us.  With these expanded possibilities, there is a much greater desire within us to do something that really feels good to us, something that truly uses our unique talents and abilities, something that we are passionate about, something that feels good to do every day.

If you’re reading this post, I’d say you are feeling that internal calling to live life that feels more passionate, authentic, and fulfilling.  Trust that instinct.  It’s a good one.  In my upcoming posts, I’ll talk more about ways to reconnect with that source of inspiration within you and discover what you really want to do with your life.


Discover your passion.  Follow your heart.  Your Inspiring Life