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The Next Step: Try out Your Career Choice in the Real World

Try out your career choice in the real world.

In this post, I’ll talk about a very effective way to really get clear about your career choice once you’ve made your initial decision about what you want to pursue.  In my past few posts, I’ve described three key steps that will really help you choose a career that has the greatest probability of being truly fulfilling to you in the real world: exploring what you really want, creating a list of career possibilities and doing some informational interviews with people who are successful and happy at the work you are considering for yourself.

Try It Our Yourself

Once you become clear about a career you think you’d really like to pursue, it will really benefit you to look for opportunities to work with someone who is really enjoying your chosen path and is successful at it.

I recommend that you look for opportunities to work or volunteer at an entry level in the field that you are interested in.  In days past, people used to be able to become an apprentice in a field that they were interested in learning more about; that’s essentially what I’m recommending to you.  Unfortunately, the idea of apprenticeship is something else that we have let fall by the wayside in our modern culture.  There’s not really a system set up for people to learn from someone who is a master at what they want to do.  However, that doesn’t need to hold you back from having this valuable experience yourself.  You will just need to take responsibility for arranging an apprenticeship experience yourself.

How to Arrange an Apprenticeship

The question is, how to go about doing that?  Well, if you’ve done your informational interviews, you already have a great foot in the door in the field you’re interested in.  Contact the person or people that you interviewed in the field you’ve chosen.  Thank them again for the opportunity to talk to them and let them know that they were instrumental in your decision to follow the career you have chosen.  Then, tell them that you would like to get some hands-on experience in the field by doing some entry-level work or volunteer work in this area and ask if they know of any opportunities to do this.  These people are great contacts for you to begin networking with.  If they don’t know of any work opportunities, ask them if they can suggest other people that you might contact in the field so you can get this valuable experience.

Make the Most of It

Once you find an apprenticeship in your chosen field, make sure you make the most of it.  Watch the people who really love their work, connect with them, learn from them.  That’s how you’ll really discover whether this field is truly the right career choice for you.  Plus, you’ll be making invaluable connections for the future.

Know You Love It before You Go Any Further

By getting real, hands-on experience in the field you’re interested in right now, you will be able to make a much more informed choice about your future career.  For most people, they go through years of schooling and study before they actually get to the point of experiencing what it’s like to work in their chosen field.  By then, they have invested so much time and effort in their field that they often find it very difficult to make a change if they discover that they don’t really like it.  With the real experience that I’m recommending that you get right now, you will know if this career is right for you.  Trust your heart on this one.  After learning all you can about your potential career through informational interviews and through direct experience, if you find that you feel really inspired and excited about this career, you are ready to go for it.

In my next post, I’ll give you some final motivating thoughts to help you find the courage and inspiration to actually follow through with these steps.


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Discovering the Right Career for You in the Real World: Start with a List

So, how do you discover what you really want when you don’t even know what all the possibilities are?  That’s one of the challenges of our modern world.  It’s wonderful that we have so many choices.  However, we just don’t have that many opportunities to be exposed to all the different fields out there in our everyday lives.  In this post, I’ll go over the first step to getting clear about what you really want:  making a list of possibilities.

In my last post, I gave you five simple questions to help you get clear about what might really inspire and fulfill you as a career.  If you still find yourself confused after exploring these questions and you still don’t really feel like you have a sense of anything you would like to do, then I have a little homework for you.

Make a List of Possibilities

To begin, make a list of all the different careers that you think might be interesting to you.  Search the internet for “list of careers” and make a list of all the ones that you have even a mild interest in learning more about.  Don’t judge your choices or try to narrow them down at this point.  Just have fun considering all the possibilities for your life.  Once you have the list, put them in order of what sounds most interesting to you. 

Don’t Listen to any Negative, Limiting Thoughts

Don’t worry about the negative, limiting beliefs you or someone else might have about a potential field, trust your instinct and know that your enthusiasm and interest are guiding you to the right path for you.  And remember to use EFT to tap on any negative beliefs that might come up about your ability to succeed at any particular field.  As I have said before, the key to fulfillment in life is to release your fears and follow your heart. 

Making a list of potential careers that you think might be fun and interesting for you is the first step.  In my next post, I’ll talk about what to do next with your list.  See you then!

Blessings, Laura


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Time for a Change: Wanting Something More in Our Lives and Careers


Feeling the urge to take a new path?

What’s the next step for me in my life? 

For most of us, this question will come up many times over the course of our lives.  And don’t worry, when it does, it’s a good thing.  It usually comes up at major life transitions when we are feeling the inner urge to make a significant change in our lives: graduating from high school or college, choosing a major, changing relationships, children leaving the nest, or anytime we’re really feeling dissatisfied with our current work or life and feeling the urge to do something else that feels more satisfying and fulfilling. 

It’s Part of the Natural Process of Life Unfolding

This is all just part of the process of adjusting our lives to reflect the changes that happen within us over the course of our lives.  If we are open to it, we can change and grow so much throughout our lives.  Our interests and passions change and we get clearer and clearer about what matters most to us with every experience we have.  That’s why people often change careers a number of times in their lifetime.  I believe that this urge to change comes from a deep internal need within us to do something that really fulfills us in our lives.  And the way that manifests for us is likely to change over time as well.

The Old Way of Doing Things has Changed

In times past, men would typically have the same job for 40 years and then retire on their pensions.  Their wives would stay home and take care of the children and the home.  But in our current world, all of that has changed.  Men and women can make whatever choices they want in their careers and change as many times as they like.  The uncertainty of this social shift can be intimidating at times but it also frees us to listen to our hearts and embrace whatever inspires us.  With these expanded possibilities, there is a much greater desire within us to do something that really feels good to us, something that truly uses our unique talents and abilities, something that we are passionate about, something that feels good to do every day.

If you’re reading this post, I’d say you are feeling that internal calling to live life that feels more passionate, authentic, and fulfilling.  Trust that instinct.  It’s a good one.  In my upcoming posts, I’ll talk more about ways to reconnect with that source of inspiration within you and discover what you really want to do with your life.


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