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EFT as a Doorway to Your Unconditional Well-Being

EFT can help you feel your unconditional well-being.

Although it may seem otherwise, the things that happen to us in our lives are not really the cause of our negative emotions.  You can prove this to yourself by using EFT to tap on an issue until you get the intensity of it down to a rating of one or zero.  When you do, you will show yourself and your mind that your thoughts are the real cause of your negative emotions.  And you will know that you are capable of letting them go and reconnecting with the source of unconditional well-being that is always within you. 

To illustrate this point, let’s say that you’re really upset at someone in your life.  You’re probably going to have a lot of feelings and negative thoughts about that person and it will feel like they are the cause of your negative feelings.  However, you will discover when you use EFT to tap on the circumstances and the negative emotions that go along with them that your feelings don’t depend on outside circumstances.  They are not caused by things outside of yourself.  They are caused by your thoughts about that thing and the judgments you have about it.  EFT will help you let go of the static of that negative thought and the negative feelings that go along with it. 

So what does that mean?  It means that your well-being does not depend on anything outside of yourself.  It has entirely to do with your thoughts.  Your thoughts are what hold you back from the unconditional well-being that exists within you at every moment.

EFT as a Tool For Feeling Well-Being

There are a variety of methods to take you out of your patterns of negative thinking and I will go into a lot of those here in this blog.  From experience, I know that EFT is one of the best tools for doing this.  I have not heard people talk about this aspect of EFT as a tool for well-being.  It tends to be used (very effectively) to let go of specific issues like painful past experiences, habitual patterns of negative emotion, and negative beliefs.  However, if we use it consistently when we can’t seem to get ourselves out of stuck place, when we are obsessing about some problem or issue in our lives and we can’t seem to find our way back to place of well-being, it becomes an invaluable tool for dealing with those issues and releasing them.  It becomes another doorway into your unconditional well-being. 

Get It Down to a One or Zero and See What Happens

Be sure to tap on the issue until you get it down to one or zero whenever you can because this will just reinforce for you its value as a tool to reconnect with this place of peace and well-being within you.  When you do, you will know this is true from your own experience.

And you will discover on a deeper level that your well-being is not conditional.  It doesn’t depend on anything outside of yourself.  Anytime you believe that it does, take some time to tap on that.  Tap on the issue until it shifts, until it’s gone.  What will happen is that you will have a new understanding of that issue, a new clarity that will reflect the peace and well-being and wisdom that you are, that exists beneath the layers of thought.


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