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Thanks so much for listening to my interview.  I really enjoy sharing my thoughts about how to use Positive Energy Psychology (PEP) to help us connect with our divine essence and live from that place of unconditional well-being, self-love, and abundance in our lives.  I hope you enjoyed it and felt your consciousness expanding into that state as you listened. 

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My Special Offer for You

As I said in the interview, I have created this special offer just for listeners.  It includes the following: 

  • The Higher Self PEP Collection ($27 value)
  • The Peace, Love, and Abundance PEP Collection ($22 value)
  • The Inspiring Life Program ($77 value)
  • Exclusive Inspiring Life PEP Lists ($17 value)

Total value of this package if purchased separately: $143

For participants of thus telesummit, the special discounted price for all of these is just $87, which is more than $50 in savings for you.  If you liked what we did together in my PEP talk and you’d like to go even further in experiencing greater peace, love, abundance, joy, and connection to your Higher Self in your life, I encourage you to go ahead and invest in yourself and take advantage of this limited-time special offer now. 


Here are more details of each of these wonderful resources for you…

The Higher Self PEP Collection ($27 value)

Higher Self PEP CollectionThese are four wonderful recordings that will really help you feel your true essence and connect with your Higher Self for peace, well-being, unconditional love, joy, and inner guidance.  Using these simple, beautiful PEP processes is a wonderfully simple alternative to meditation that feels deeply centering, uplifting, and expansive.  And you can listen to all four in less than 20 minutes a day.  The four mp3s included are: The Divine Love PEP and Meditation, PEP for feeling the joy of your Being, PEP for connecting with and trusting your inner guidance, and PEP for feeling the Presence of the moment.

The Peace, Love, and Abundance PEP Collection ($22 value)

This wonderful set of recordings includes six PEP recorded processes to help you feel your unconditional well-being, love and accept yourself as the beautiful being you are, and experience greater prosperity and abundance in your life.  It includes the full 36 phrase version of the PEP processes as well as three additional compilation recordings to help you align with peace, love, and abundance in a single five-minute session.  You can use these recordings for PEP anytime, in the car, at the gym, wherever.  You can also use them for background affirmations, sleep programming and even subliminal programming to fully saturate your consciousness with these uplifting, empowering ideas and feel the positive changes in your life more quickly.  (I tell you how in the eBook that’s included.)

The Inspiring Life Program ($77 value)

In this program, I’ll help you discover what you want for your life, release the underlying issues that are holding you back, and help you take inspired action to make your dreams a reality.  The Inspiring Life Program includes 22 EFT recordings that help you gently release negative emotional patterns directly when you’re feeling them most intensely.  These EFT recordings help you let go of feeling like you’re not good enough, doubting your abilities, worrying about what others think of you, painful past experiences and more.  It also includes seven guided visualization and meditation recordings to help you connect with your inner guidance, envision what you want, feel your unconditional well-being, and more. The detailed eBook guides you through each step of living a life that truly inspires and fulfills you.

Exclusive Inspiring Life PEP Lists ($17 value)

I have created a number of powerful PEP lists that I  have only used myself and shared with a few of my exclusive PEP coaching clients up to now.  I will soon be adding these to a new update of my Inspiring Life program but for now, these are only available in this special offer.  You will be able to use these for your daily PEP sessions to help you follow your intuition and inner wisdom, believe in yourself and your gifts, value yourself and your work, align with your true purpose, and experience greater abundance, joy, and fulfillment as you share your gifts with the world.

My Unconditional Guarantee

I’ll also give you an unconditional guarantee when you buy this special package.  If for any reason, you feel like these resources aren’t right for you, I’ll be happy to give you a refund.  I do this because I want you to feel totally comfortable and safe investing in yourself and taking advantage of this special offer today.

Follow your Heart

I encourage you to go ahead and get this special offer now if this feels right to you.  Trust your heart.  You’ll know this is right for you if you feel like you’re ready to let go of the negativity in your thoughts and your life, to let go of the self-judgment and struggle and let yourself experience your unconditional well-being, feel greater self-love and self-acceptance, and feel inspired in your life.

You’ll know this is right for you if you felt good from what we did together in the telesummit and if what I said resonated for you.  Like me, you don’t want to just focus on the negative every day, you want to bring yourself into joy and harmony with the uplifting positive things you want to experience in your life: health, happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in your life, in your relationships, and more.  And you know the power of doing this.

And it sounds good to you to let me guide you in using EFT, guided meditation, and these powerful Positive Energy Psychology techniques to focus the power of your thoughts on what you want and effortlessly release any underlying resistance as you follow along with me and just float downstream.

To get this special offer now, just click this buy now button and you’ll be on your way to feeling your natural state of unconditional well-being, self-love, abundance, and fulfillment.



P.S. Also, remember that you can connect with me on Facebook at Facebook.com/LauraLawsonBoatman or leave me a comment here on my blog.  Please come and visit and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have or just say hi.



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