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These are some of the wonderful stories and testimonials my clients, participants of workshops, and users of my self-help resources have sent me.  Thanks again to all of you who took the time to write them for me.  If you would like to share your thoughts and experiences too, you can contact me via the link above or just leave a comment below.  Thanks and many blessings to you all.  — Laura



A Beautiful Story of Inner and Outer Transformation in Five Days

Hello dear,

I’m so glad to get your message.  It has been a great five days and yes I’m so interested in writing you and letting you know how things are but the reason I haven’t yet is:

After a very long struggle with my career and getting a job, things have been rushing since our session.  I’ve never had that in my life before.  Things were actually getting better quickly, so I was in a bit of a shock!

It was 12:30 midnight when we finished our session so I went straight to bed.  As I rested, I had this feeling of spaciousness like suddenly all of possibilities were available for me.  I felt like I was capable of so much in my life when I would usually feel helpless.

Next thing in the morning, my best friend called.  She said the company she was working with had a job opening and she was moving into a new place next to her work and wanted me to be her roommate!  So I went to see her and slept over in her new place and I loved it!

So the next day I applied to that company and I actually felt so powerful about contacting them that I even started job hunting!  I wasn’t afraid to put myself out there!

From then on, it felt like the universe was supporting me in finding a job!

My mom was pushing me to go out there and my dad had a plan for me and my other friend (who is an interior architect like me) called me and said she wanted me to do an internship with her!  To give me some of her experience!  How cool is that!

And on my way back home Thursday, I met a planner who said he would refer to me in case he came across any interior work!  And just yesterday my old teacher texted me she was organizing a marathon for her new NGO & would like me to be one of the organizers and I could work with her as a part time job in the NGO.

And later that day, I got 2 phone calls from the companies I applied to.  I’ll be having 2 interviews next week!

Well, that’s in short my 5 past days but it really seems like I spoke to you yesterday!

As for my session with you! Oh wow!  Tapping and doing PEP on my reverse belief struck a core in me!  I didn’t know what great effect it had till later when “I” felt different.  I started looking at “me” differently.

It was like I became a new person!  I no longer felt like things will go wrong, I expected or rather knew that it’ll go the best way possible.  I felt more free to express myself!  Even though I felt a lot of anger.  But I felt OK with that anger (I even enjoyed it) as I’ve never allowed myself to be angry before.  I always suppressed my feelings!

And the best thing about our session was that feeling I had during it, even though we didn’t tackle it, but I had this overflowing feeling of being loved, a motherly kind of love that I’ve never experienced before, even as a child I didn’t feel like I was loved by my mom.  And that feeling was validated later, I actually felt love towards my mom.  I used to hate her.  I blamed her for my sucky life and the horribly weak personality I had, but all of that seemed to disappear and it didn’t matter anymore!

I actually can make jokes with her now.  I no longer feel that injustice she did to me or the pain she inflicted on me and I believe that’s what true forgiveness is!  Thank you for giving me that peace.

I know this is a long testimonial so feel free to cut any parts of it if you feel the need to. Also forgive me for any grammatical mistakes, for English is my second language. At first I didn’t know what to write so I wrote what I felt.

And I’m so grateful that you reminded me of the PEP phrases. I was wishing to be reminded of them!

lots of love & gratitude,



Experiencing Quick and Gentle Relief for Anxiety


I so enjoyed our session today. My anxiety level went down. I could feel my energy shifting and the tension in my neck and head releasing. My heart stopped racing and I felt much calmer almost immediately. I like the gentleness and ease of the process. And you explained to me how easy it is to put phrases together. I feel it’s something I can commit to doing.

After our session, I started randomly doing the finger points. My body really likes it. I yawned a couple of times after doing it for just a minute on one hand. That is my body’s signal telling me I’m releasing energy. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my body responded. I’ve been using EFT for several years, which is also very helpful, but I’m drawn to the positive approach of PEP. It’s very soothing and comforting and my body just seems to melt into the positive affirmations. I intend to make PEP a part of my daily routine. And I intend to purchase your CDs to listen to.

Thank you and blessings,
Joann C



Centering in Well-Being and Wisdom while Starting a New Business

I absolutely love Laura’s PEP approach. The experience of releasing negative beliefs with PEP and EFT is calming and I feel especially fortunate to have found her as I embark on creating a new business. Not only do I highly recommend her technique, I can’t speak highly enough of her amazing listening and commitment. She exceeded all of my expectations in the most beautiful loving way. Thank you Laura!

From a wonderful client in California



Feeling Confident, Fearless, and Inspired

Hi Laura…Just a quick note on our PEP & EFT session. I can actually feel a difference in my way of being… for instance my confidence level has shot way up. I feel much lighter and pretty fearless. I recently signed up and have attended some acting classes which I’ve wanted to do since high school. Thank you for offering this wonderful work.  Always with Gratitude.

From another wonderful client in California  🙂



Gained Clarity and Enjoying PEP

Hi Laura,

I’m really enjoying PEP (it’s so easy) and I think it’s already starting to bring some good results. Thank you so much for the session. It was extremely helpful. I was feeling a lot of uncertainty around finding my ideal job. You really helped me clarify what I want and gave me a very concrete plan for turning that vision into a reality using EFT and PEP. I can’t wait to see the results!

— Rachel L.



Injected with Miracle Juice

Thank you so much again for the amazing session we just had. I don’t know what happened, but I feel loved and looked over.

Before I started my session with you, I was filled with anxiety and fear. You coached me through those feelings, only to discover underlying beliefs and emotions. I didn’t think I’d feel any different during our session, but now I am writing this as if I was injected with miracle juice. I went from crying to laughing and still feel the giggles bubbling inside. I feel a shift in perception and a world lighter. I am so thankful, Laura, that you effectively guided me through underlying beliefs which were not only lying dormant, but were the reason for my pain. I would recommend you to anyone!! 🙂

Richest blessings :),

— Ulenda



“PEP…everyone should be doing this!”

Using your great affirmations plus some of my own, I use PEP daily & it’s fantastic!   I like the use of the word ‘safe’…..as I said in the title, everyone should be doing PEP, one of the most centering processes I’ve been fortunate enough to learn.  Genius!

From a wonderful client from London



A Shiningly Joyous and Rock Solid Moment of Clarity

I first learned of Laura Lawson Boatman’s work about seven years ago.  During a workshop, she guided us through a profoundly transformative meditation.  Since that time, I have learned a number of valuable skills from her.  I have also greatly benefited from her peaceful and loving presence.  I love her Inspiring Life program. 

I attended her workshop this past August and had a revelatory experience.  One part of her process incorporates EFT with periods of goal writing.  This combination serves to truly clarify and resolve issues.  Over the course of the workshop, I resolved an issue that had painfully confused me for eight years.  It had always been somewhere in the background of my life.  Using the cycles of EFT and the goal writing, it just seemed to slip into a very different perspective, one that did not have a painful context – finally!  I also came to see that nothing stood in the way of pursuing my core passion in life.  I have not had to make any drastic changes in my life (an intense focus on Graduate School).  My perspective simply shifted monumentally and I began to live my one key passion – weaving it into my days and moments. 

The moment when I realized that not only could this happen, but that I had committed to it fully, was a shiningly joyous and rock solid moment of clarity.  That conviction has not shifted despite a school schedule with no spare moments.  It has shaped every moment since the initial realization.

Danna Carson

Flagstaff, Arizona



Understanding How Powerful She Truly Is

When I took your workshop, I was thinking about starting my own business, which felt daunting and overwhelming. I wasn’t sure that I would really be able to make enough money in this new venture because I wasn’t sure my product was really “good enough”. Your Inspiring Life system showed me that I was really limiting myself through the language I was using and that my potential to thrive in this business is, actually, infinite! I was able to gain clarity in my desire to succeed, what I’m willing to do to make it happen, and where my emotional weak spots are. Thank you for helping me tap into my inner creator and guiding me toward understanding just how powerful I truly am.

Sandy Quintanilla, Ceramic Artist



Moved through Blocks to Creativity

“Laura helped me through some major road blocks in my creativity that allowed me to move forward with a project that I had put off for years. Her techniques worked for me and they can work for you as well. You have got to try this out – it works!”

– From Scott, an artist client who got inspired, started painting at a new level, and had a local showing of his work in the process of our work together



EFT Helped Relieve Pain Almost Instantly

In our workshop, there was a woman who had had a mastectomy the week before and she had been in pain all week.  She did not come to the workshop in order to relieve the pain: she had not known that it could have that effect.  But within a few minutes of doing EFT with Laura leading us through the cycles, she quietly and very dazedly told us all that the pain was gone.  It is one thing to hear that this is possible and even fairly common for EFT to work so well like this, it is quite another to see someone encompass that experience of pain simply vanishing.

Laura is a luminous human being and her work is transformative.  You will be rewarded with every moment that you allow yourself to explore her program and resources.

Danna Carson

Flagstaff, Arizona



EFT Really Works

The other night I was exhausted, plopped down on the couch and forced myself to check phone messages.  All I did was see the name of the voice mail to remember what I’d forgotten – a massage appointment the afternoon.  AHHHH!!!!  And the massage therapist is one of my dearest friends!  How could I . . . why do I . . . I’m so . . . she’ll never . . . if only . . . here came the judgment, doubt, criticism.  I slowly made my way towards the hot shower, and while letting the water flow over me, decided to try EFT as Laura taught me to do.  It only took one “round” before the ill feelings were washed away.  Suddenly, I felt calm, peaceful and knew it wasn’t anything more than not reviewing my schedule prior to leaving that morning.  I also knew my friend/therapist would be understanding, and she was.  The layers were just peeling away and I was my true nature, so was my friend and I look forward to our next massage. 

EFT is part of our own tool box for self-care and self love. And Laura has helped me by teaching me the process, validating my feelings, and encouraging me to keep trying, keep discovering, keep learning, and keep on loving myself.  I know my life is on a healthier and more hopeful path thanks to Laura’s teaching of EFT and her Inspiring Life program.


EFT Works for Allergies, Too

I am an RN and am entangled in a web of western medicine while believing in integrative medicine and a holistic approach to our health.  While recently on a walk in our neighborhood forest, I was overcome very quickly by an allergy attack – itchy, watery eyes, incredible congestion, sneezing and feeling miserable.  And I didn’t have my Claritin, which I try not to take often, or my homeopathic eye drops.  I washed my eyes with water without success.  Thankfully, I decided to go ahead and try EFT as Laura teaches.  I have to admit I was skeptical!  Yeah, right!  Tapping!  I just need my eye drops and an antihistamine and I’d be fine.  Still, I gently went through 3 rounds of EFT, each one more effective, until I was just feeling the slightest of symptoms – nothing like the incredible congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing I’d been feeling just minutes before! 

I had wanted to believe, but I didn’t for such a strong physical reaction.  And it worked!  And it’s with me all the time.  I don’t have to pack another thing in my backpack!  I simply use the knowledge Laura has passed on to me, and voila!  I feel better almost instantly.  I look forward to continuing this work to help me with my allergies to cats and horses, as well as other physical ailments.  We have the power within ourselves to heal.  Thanks so much Laura for your genuine interest in the well-being of others.

— both from Shannon W.



Relief of Anxiety for the Mother of a Sensitive Child

I am so grateful for the tools that Laura has given me.  My first experience with EFT was over 2 years ago.  I was struggling with anxiety and extreme fear.

 I have a child with emotional issues and I used to take them on as my own. Of course, as an adult child of an alcoholic father I have my own issues to work on. When I add my son’s on too, I really struggle. Laura saw how much I was struggling and showed me the tapping techniques.  I was very touched by her sincere compassion to help me.

Somehow I got out of the habit of tapping a few weeks later and developed a belief that the EFT doesn’t work for me.

Laura met me again and we focused on PEP.

I am experiencing a relief in anxiety and a more centered state of being. I am truly grateful for the time Laura has spent with me to show me how to use the program.

I’m now in transition with moving to a new state, a new job, a new school for my child with special needs. When I write this is start to feel very constricted and move into a fight or flight space.

I start to press on the points at the base of my nails and I begin to feel myself breathing slower. I use this technique in the car, before bed and anytime I feel the anxiety coming on.

 I have something to focus on when overwhelmed, I’m a very kinesthetic learner and having something to do with my hands is very helpful.

My child is also learning the techniques with me and I look forward to observing the way he uses it to help his anxiety.

Thank you,

Annette F.



Healing the Emotional Core

“I’ve participated in traditional counseling and, while helpful in many ways, it never got to the root cause. Laura’s technique bypasses the rational brain and helps heal the emotional core. This could feel overwhelming but Laura’s confidence and kindness during this process helped me feel supported and safe.”

– from a recent client who was struggling with anxiety and depression and found quick and gentle relief in our work together



His Anxiety Disappeared

“I was struggling with anxiety and Laura worked with me and showed the EFT method and then her amazing new PEP technique. The anxiety I was feeling disappeared and if it does come up in my life I now have an amazing set of tools to deal with it quickly. Laura is a great teacher and a wonderful guide. I would highly recommend working with her so you can get to your full potential.”

– Craig M.



Anxiety Relief and Feeling Ease in Her Body

Laura’s unique and truly effective PEP technique helped relieve the anxiety that was suppressing my greater existence. She helped ease my mind, which helped ease my body so I can do the things I was designed to do. Thank you Laura! You and your work are such a blessing!

– from a recent client



Being Her True Self

“What I find the most comforting about Laura’s wonderful work and programs is that they help me become, and remain, my true self, my sincerest, most beautiful and divine self. The self I know I am when all the layers of ego and doubt and judgment shed away and I can fully radiate.” 

from Shannon



You can experience your own natural state of joy, love, and inspiration

Contact me to learn more about working with meThanks so much for taking the time to read these wonderful stories and comments.  I would love to help you gently release whatever might be holding you back from experiencing your true essence and help you feel all the unconditional joy, peace, love, abundance, and blessings that come from that state.

I have created a membership site called our Circle of Light where you can access all the recordings and videos and self-help resources all in one place for just $12 a month.  Here’s the link to learn more:

our Circle of Light membership information

You’ll also find my self-help resources and programs here:  Laura’s Store

Again, thanks for visiting and many blessings to you!



2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I recently discovered EFT and thought it was the answer to my problems that I had been looking for. But, similarly to you, I felt hesitant about focusing on the negative so heavily. I also felt that the tapping was a little abrupt and in actuality a very light touch could be used.Then I found one of your videos on YouTube and discovered PEP. I was impressed by how kind and compassionate you came across in your videos; I thought, this lady must be doing something right!

    Since then I have read your free PEP Manual from cover to cover and have started implementing it into my life. Just after using it for a few days I already feel INCREDIBLY relieved emotionally and physically. I have been feeling energetically blocked for years and PEP is bringing me to places I’ve never felt before… it feels SO GOOD! Your technique is wonderfully simple and enjoyable to do… it is the perfect alternative to EFT for those who would rather focus on the positive. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world! I know this will become a daily practice for me.

    I would like to mention that I find it beneficial when saying aloud the positive affirmation and lightly touching the acupressure point that I continue to hold the point for one complete inhale and exhale. This allows me to close my eyes and focus on the affirmation and the tension releasing in my body in a meditative way. Thank you again. I can tell, this is going to change my life forever. : )

    1. Hi Linnea,
      Wow, that’s so wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your experience of using PEP. It just touches my heart to hear how it’s helped you feel so much better emotionally and physically. And I agree with you about how it can be really nice to consciously breathe as you touch the points; that can bring a really nice deepening of that wonderful meditative experience while you’re doing PEP.
      Many blessings and keep in touch!

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