The Beginning of Something New: Positive Energy Psychology

About a month and a half ago, I had this inspiration come to me about a wonderful new way we can use Energy Psychology to help ourselves to feel really good and achieve what we really want in our lives.  I realized that we could use EFT in a whole new way by essentially focusing on positive phrases we want to anchor in our consciousness and touching the points rather than tapping on them.  This method feels really good and seems to work even better than EFT as a daily practice.  I call it Positive Energy Psychology (or PEP for short) and it truly has been a breakthrough for me.

Where PEP Came From…

Let me give you some background about where this all started.  I had been going through one of those phases where I was feeling uncertain about the next step to take in my work.  I had been wrestling with the problem for weeks and it didn’t seem like I was getting anywhere.  If anything, I was feeling more confused.  So, I decided to get back to basics and I committed to doing EFT every day for a month to clear the key issues that seemed to be surfacing and see what happened.  So, I did that… for about a week and a half.  That’s as far as I got.  I tapped on the uncertainty and the self-doubts that were coming up and all the other shadow issues that I could think of.  And I just wasn’t feeling much better.  I figured I just hadn’t gotten to the core issue, because EFT usually really helps when these shadow issues arise.  So, I kept tapping.  Then, one night, something happened that seemed to be the exact opposite of what I was wanting.  I don’t have to go into details about what it was; let’s just say it wore me down.  I had been doing all this tapping and things seemed to be getting worse.

The Moment of Surrender

I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so I prayed.  I prayed for guidance and help.  I prayed for the wisdom and guidance to help me figure out what I needed to do to have the breakthrough that I wanted.  What was I doing wrong?  Why wasn’t EFT working?  Why weren’t things turning around and in fact seemed to have even gotten a bit worse? I prayed for guidance to help me figure it all out.  I put my whole heart and intention in it.  I surrendered the problem to my own inner wisdom and asked for divine guidance.  And then I went to bed, feeling more calm and peaceful than I had in days.

The Inspiration

And the next morning, even before I opened my eyes, I had this idea form in my mind about what I could do to change everything.  I realized that I could use a simple version of EFT to focus on the positive things that I wanted to experience and manifest in my life.  As I lay there in bed with the morning sun streaming through the curtains, more and more ideas were coming to me so I slipped downstairs and started writing before I was even really fully awake.  As I typed, the ideas all just flowed and expanded and I knew that this was the answer to my prayer of the night before.  It felt clear and sure and right.

It Changed Everything

I’ll tell you the details of how to do PEP in my next post, but I just have to tell you that this technique has really shifted things for me.  I made a list of positive phrases and used my Positive Energy Psychology technique to anchor them in my consciousness and it felt so good.  When I was done, it felt like I had just experienced a really wonderful meditation.  My energy was open and full of a quiet sense of well-being and joy.  And I knew this was really something wonderful.  And I knew I wanted to share this with the world.

I started doing PEP every morning and every evening, following my PEP list as I did.  There was no resistance to doing this like there often is for me with EFT.  EFT is a wonderful technique but focusing on the negative issues day after day can be such a downer.  It just doesn’t feel good to remind myself day after day about the negative issues and experiences I’ve had in life even if I’m tapping along while I do.

I Still Love EFT

Don’t get me wrong, I love EFT and I think it’s an amazing tool for healing and releasing old patterns.  I find that it’s most helpful when I am in the middle of some intense feeling or reaction or memory.  It’s usually the first tool I turn to when I’m feeling bad and I want to feel better.  It works so quickly and effectively… it’s wonderful.  However, I don’t think it’s the only tool in the tool box.  For a daily practice of clearing and harmonizing my energy with what I want to experience in my life, I have found that PEP is a much better method.

PEP Quickly Shifting Negative Beliefs

I felt immediately better when I did PEP.  When I felt some resistance to a positive phrase, I just focused on that phrase for a couple of rounds and the resistance was gone and I felt completely aligned with and accepting of the positive phrase.  I was amazed.  It seemed to work much more quickly than EFT for shifting negative beliefs.

PEP and Abundance Flowing!

And, almost as quickly, the experiences I was manifesting changed as well.  Like magic, really.  It was amazing.  My prosperity started increasing immediately.  Money started flowing to me from a variety of different channels without me really doing anything different externally.  I was getting new ideas and taking action on them immediately.  I created a whole new self-help program and put it out into the world within three weeks.

Interestingly, I stopped doing PEP for a while and things slowed down.  Then I started doing PEP again and my prosperity began increasing again.  It was really amazing.  That did it.  That confirmed for me that this process really works and is really worth doing every day.  Now I spend about ten minutes every morning and evening doing PEP on the specific phrases that I want to anchor in my consciousness, what I call my Foundational PEP List.  And I feel wonderful.

I shared the list and technique with a few friends and the ones that have tried it love it.  For people who have resisted using EFT in the past on a regular basis, they find that the positive focus and the touching of the points instead of tapping feels so much better to them as well.

In my next post, I’ll tell you how to do Positive Energy Psychology so you can give it a try yourself.  Please let me know what you think and what your experiences are… this is all new and I want to see if it works as well for others as it does for me.

I’ll also be doing a lot of new posts and videos and recordings for PEP, so you may want to subscribe to my free eNewsletter or RSS feed or subscribe to my YouTube channel to get regular updates.

Blessings to you!


2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Something New: Positive Energy Psychology”

  1. Wow wow wow thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you it feels like I’ve really really found myself, I’m new to EFT only passed In March 20th my positive energy and my master practitioner. Which I live and vibrate on hight positive energy. I start my day & end my day always with 3/4 different eft with Brad Yates im a great big fan of brads and he’s helped me so much. But I’m affarid I feel the same as you its all this negative stuff to start and end my day. That was a great big thing with me. I understand you must see the dirt before you can clean it however it really put that big thing in the way. I love your pep I feel so much better I was up all night listening to your radio interview on tapping with Craig I loved it I wrote down your rounds of tapping I love it love it love it. Before my Stoke I did angel therapy workshops so positive all the way for me. Ive signed up to what I could find are you going to do course on PEP it’s the best tool I’ve ever worked with im hooked, I wish you all the love & happiness in the world & please take this world wide it’s amazing woooohooo thank you thank you thank you xxxx

    1. Hi Cheryl, wow thank you so much!! It means a lot to me to hear how much you love PEP and my positive approach to EFT. I love Brad’s work, too and the interviews with Craig, they are both awesome. I’m so glad you signed up for my enewsletter, too… I’ll let you know if I’m doing a workshop or anything like that in the future that way. Thanks for your wonderful enthusiastic support, you are awesome, too! Keep in touch, k? Many blessings!

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