The Wonderful Informational Interview: Time to Connect and Start Talking

Once you have created your list of possible careers as I described in my last post, it’s time to go talk to some people who are happily working in the careers you’d like to explore and discover more about what they are really like.  If you don’t know how to connect with people in these careers, ask your friends and family if they know anyone who’s in these fields and enjoys it.  Post questions on Facebook.  Search your local phone book and the internet for people in the fields that interest you.

Once you find someone, ask if you can talk to them about their career on the phone for a while or via email.  It’s important to make sure they like their work before you go too far into the process of connecting with them.  If they do, ask them if you can interview them in more detail about their work.

What to Ask

Ask them questions like these: Do you like your work?  What do you like about it?  What are the best parts of it?  What are the challenges?  Are there any parts that you don’t like?  What is a  typical day like for you?  What kind of education and skills do you need to succeed?  What’s the key to your success and fulfillment in your career?  What would you recommend to someone considering going into this field?  And ask any other questions you might have as well.

The Next Step

If you like what you learned, ask if you can shadow them for a while and go in and watch them work for a few hours.  Or, do some volunteer work with them and see what it’s like day to day.  I know this is going to take some effort, but it is totally worth it.  You need some real input to inspire you and help you get clear about what you want.

Don’t Let Your Fears Hold You Back from this Invaluable Step

I know this can sound scary or intimidating to do, but it will really help you get clear about what career you want to pursue.  You need to know what the careers on your list are really like on a day to day basis.  Do some EFT to let go of any anxiety about reaching out to people like this and go ahead and do it.

You Don’t Have To Impress Anyone

Remember, no one expects you to be an expert in the field when you’re doing these initial informational interviews.  I know from experience that most people appreciate being asked to talk about what they do.  It’s nice to be seen as an authority in their field and someone who is doing something that somebody else might want to do.  For most people, it will make them feel good to help you.  And if for some reason somebody doesn’t want to talk to you, I’d say it’s probably because that person is not inspired in their life and they are feeling dissatisfied and grumpy about it.  You don’t want to talk to that person anyway.  If that happens, you might suggest that they come and read this article and then find someone else to talk to.

These informational interviews will give you a ton of valuable information about what these careers might be like for you in the real world.  In my next post, I’ll talk about what to do with all the information you’ve gathered.


Have a career that truly inspires and fulfills you.  Your Inspiring Life


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