Absolute and Unconditional Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Using Positive Energy Psychology (PEP) to Let Go of Painful Feelings and Return to Peace and Well-Being

It has become more and more clear to me that the key to releasing anxiety, fear, or any other negative emotion we experience is this: to love and accept ourselves absolutely and completely no matter what. Total unconditional self-love and self-acceptance frees us from the underlying low level of anxiety and negative emotion that most people experience in their lives on a daily basis.

Just imagine, if you loved yourself so much that you knew no matter what happened in your life, no matter what you might do or say, no matter what anyone else thought or said about you, that you could always fall back on the beautiful and comforting feeling of total and complete self-love for yourself. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? As I’ll tell you about below, I know from experience that this is possible and that it truly is the balm for any and all emotional pain. In my next blog post, I’ll give you step-by-step guidance on how to experience unconditional self-love for yourself as well.

The key to our unconditional well-being is to love and accept ourselves totally and completely, with overflowing love and joy, in every moment, no matter what.

To clarify, I’m talking about loving yourself with that deep, overwhelming, unconditional love that you would feel for your child. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean… those moments when you look at your beautiful child and your heart opens up wide and you just want to hug them and kiss them and tell them over and over that you love them more than anything in the world. You feel so much love for them that you can’t help yourself and you know you have to share it. That’s what I mean. We need to do that for ourselves… love, love, love ourselves with overflowing, overwhelming, beautiful joy and appreciation and unconditional, totally accepting LOVE.

Discovering How to Let Go of Old Negative Conditioned Patterns

The other day, I had something kind of intense happen to me and I was feeling very sad and upset about it. It really triggered those old conditioned patterns in me and led me into questioning my abilities and my worth. Yes, I just dove into that pool of negative judgment and sadness and doubt that seems to lurk just around the corner from any big new goal we’re reaching for. I had been doing pretty well up to that point, but in that moment, I was feeling the worst of it. All those old negative beliefs and feelings rose up from the shadows and filled my consciousness.

Step One: Simply Tapping

When the wave hit me, I just started tapping, the simple EFT version, letting myself feel the intense sadness and hurt while I noticed the negative thoughts that I was experiencing as I tapped. I did that for about five minutes or so and I could feel the negative feelings shifting within me. I could feel that the tide was turning, thank God. I do love EFT. What a wonderful gift it is. But I was still feeling the negativity at about 50% of what it had been. However, at that point a new awareness surfaced within me as often happens when I’m using energy psychology techniques and I had this clear thought come to me that I needed to do my Positive Energy Psychology (PEP) process for self-love. I knew that was the one I had to do to shift this. So, that’s what I did.

PEP for Self-Love: The Balm for All Emotional Pain

The first round of “pepping” on the list of self-love phrases brought up the deeper feelings of sadness and hurt within me, which I know was just all that old subconscious programming coming forth to be released. I was feeling the sweet, hurting child within me who needed love and comfort and didn’t know how to get it or where to turn. But then, as I went through the PEP sequence, letting the tears flow as I did the first round, I could feel an underlying sense of comfort and love beginning to grow within me. I did a couple of rounds of this wonderful PEP process for self-love and I could feel myself breathing and centering again, the core issue of loving myself in this situation totally and completely coming to the forefront. By the time I got halfway through the third round, I had this beautiful sense of calm and peace and centered well-being wash over me. And then, I had this clear understanding come forth of what to do next to resolve this situation in my own way. It was so clear and I had no doubts or uncertainty about it, just a quiet knowing and a simple, peaceful readiness to take action.

So, I followed this inner guidance as I felt the deep peace and well-being within me. As I did, I could feel that I absolutely loved and accepted myself no matter what I did or what the external circumstances of my life were at the moment. What a relief that was. What a beautiful gift to myself.

Opening my Heart to Answers and Miracles

After that, I went to pick up my daughter from school. As I did, I felt the beauty of the day and the joy of Being flowing through me quietly and sweetly. And then, as often happens when I really clear something from my consciousness and energy field, two amazing miraculous things happened that essentially resolved two key aspects of the problem I had been having. It was truly amazing. The loving, affirming, supportive answers I wanted came forth for me from two different people; they just fell into my lap. I guess I had fully received the gift that my shadow issues had given me and reached the place of loving myself within so much that I allowed the answers to manifest easily and gently and joyfully.

It was a powerful lesson for me and has been simmering at the back of my consciousness ever since. It was such a perfect gentle lesson that clearly showed me how the key to our unconditional well-being is to love and accept ourselves totally and completely, with overflowing love and joy, in every moment, no matter what.

Returning to Unconditional Self-Love

Of course, getting there is the beautiful journey that is unfolding each day in our lives. I truly believe that the negative experiences that happen in our lives come forth to give us just this kind of opportunity for self-love and growth and expansion. If we want to embrace our true essence and live from that place of well-being and wisdom beyond our egoic patterns and limiting beliefs, we can gently embrace these difficult experiences as opportunities to practice this absolute and unconditional self-love.

I truly believe that loving ourselves in this way would release us from 95% of our fear and negative emotion. It worked so beautifully for me and I feel so much freer in my consciousness and actions because of the way I was able to use that experience to practice loving myself totally and completely, no matter what.

Next Time… Learn How to Use PEP to Love and Accept Yourself Unconditionally

In my next blog post, I’ll give you the PEP list for self-love as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use this process to go from anxiety, self-doubt, judgment, or any negative emotion to a state of peace, wisdom, well-being, and total self-acceptance.

To make this process as effortless as possible for you, I have created a PEP recording of these beautiful phrases for self-love and self-acceptance for you to follow along with. This PEP for self-love recording is now available in my blog store, so I encourage you to go see what you think of it.  You can also join my eNewsletter or subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates about new posts, videos, and recordings as they’re available.  So, I’ll see you in my next post.

Love and blessings to you,


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