New video for you: PEP for manifesting money and abundance

Money is not separate from our spiritual essence

I created this PEP process for manifesting money and abundance because money issues so often seem to pull us away from feeling happy and in the flow in our lives.  It feels like worries and stress about money separate us from feeling the joy of our deeper being, pulling us down to the mundane level that feels miles away from our spiritual essence.  We can fall into feeling like we’ve got to deal with the practical aspects of life, paying the bills each month and everything else, and we forget that it’s all connected, that our financial situation is just another aspect of our spiritual experience in this life.  

It’s so important to realize that this is just another mistaken belief: thinking that money issues are separate from our spiritual selves.  And it’s an important one to let go of and replace with a deeper understanding, a deeper truth that our experience of having plenty of money and prosperity come first from that spiritual center within us.

As we allow ourselves to feel the truth of the ideas that are reflected in this PEP process, we can feel a new integration happening; it feels like we can rest and let go into trusting that the flow of abundance is always here for us, it is part of who we are.  And as we let go of old, limiting beliefs about lack and worries about money, we allow that flow to expand in our lives.

This always helps me experience a greater flow of abundance

Whenever I follow this PEP for manifesting money and abundance process in my life, I find the flow of prosperity increasing in wonderful ways.  Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways, plus I often get reconnected with a deeper feeling of joy and inspiration that guides me to take steps that will bring greater abundance into my life.

My intention in creating this video and sharing this process with you is that you will have that same experience in your own life.  I’d love to hear what you think and hear how it helps the flow of prosperity increase in your life as well.

This video includes the first twelve phrases from the full PEP for abundance process which I repeat three times.  If you’d like to experience the full process that includes 36 different phrases (that’s the one I use), you’ll find it here and in our Circle of Light.

Much love and many blessings for joyful prosperity in your life, now and always.



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