Video: The Original Inspiration for Positive Energy Psychology – PEP

In this video, I tell you the story of how I developed the idea for PEP and how it came to me all at once as a wonderful divine inspiration in answer to a prayer. Not only is it a fun story to listen to, it is also very reassuring as an example of how the answers we need are really already within us… we just need to open ourselves to receive them.

PEP is such a wonderful technique, so simple, uplifting, and wonderful.  As I say in one of these videos, don’t let the simplicity of PEP give you the impression that it’s not a powerful technique.  Often the most powerful ideas come in the simplest form.  I encourage you to watch the other PEP foundational videos to get a good feel for what it is and how it can help you.  As I’ve said before, because PEP feels so wonderful to do, it is an ideal daily practice. 

Video: What is PEP/Positive Energy Psychology?

Video: How to Do PEP/Positive Energy Psychology

You can also read the story of how I created PEP here:  The Beginning of Something New: PEP

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So, what do you think of PEP and the story of how the idea came to me?  Please leave me a comment below… I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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  1. Hi and thanks for watching this video. Please check out the other PEP videos here as well… they give you a great overview of the technique and how to use it most effectively to feel greater unconditional well-being in your life.

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