Video: What is Positive Energy Psychology aka PEP (Positive EFT)

In this video, I introduce the new positive version of EFT that I have developed which I call Positive Energy Psychology or PEP for short. I talk about the three key features of PEP that make it unique when you’re starting from the foundation of traditional EFT.  These are: 

  1. You will be focusing on the positive instead of the negative as you normally would with EFT
  2. You’ll be touching the points instead of tapping on them
  3. You’ll phrase the positive affirmations as states of being

I go into detail about all these in the video.  The key breakthrough with PEP is that I realized you don’t have to focus on the negative issues directly to release them.  You can focus on the positive and any underlying resistance is naturally released as you activate the acupressure points of PEP.  Positive ideas are so much more powerful than negative ideas and we can get stuck in thinking that we have to focus on the negative issues when we don’t really want to or need to.  I’ve found that the negative focus of traditional EFT can cause a lot of resistance to using EFT on a daily basis; in fact, I’ve experienced this myself more often than I’d care to mention and many of my clients have admitted to feeling the same way. 

PEP is the solution to that.  Because it feels so wonderful to do, it’s much easier to use on a daily basis.   It’s a natural tool to use to help you “flow downstream” as Abraham would say.  I also talk about how this technique helps align you with what you DO want instead of what you don’t want and so helps focus your consciousness on the positive, uplifting energy of what you want to experience in your life. 

I also talk about my thoughts about how PEP works and how to use it most effectively.  It’s a wonderful daily practice that can replace EFT as a daily practice most of the time, particularly on those days when you’re feeling fine or just mildly out of balance and you want to feel good as you align your consciousness with a wonderful, positive vision of what you want to experience in your life. 

Please watch this video and take a minute to leave me a reply below to let me know what you think… do you like PEP? 



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